Botox is for Men, Too!

The stigma in facial esthetics is that it’s a female-only market.  The reality is there are many men that would (and do) benefit from these services, too.

Breaking the Mold

It’s time to break the mold and the stigma that surrounds the ‘ladies only’ mentality for facial esthetics.  Men can be just as self-conscious about their looks as women.  From reducing the appearance of a furrow in the brow, to plumping thin lips and reducing crow’s feet, men want to get a more youthful look–which is why more than 400,000 men received treatments in 2014 and that number has continued to grow.

Health Reasons

Botox and other dermal fillers aren’t just for looks.  Many men and women use Botox to help manage their headaches or muscle spasms.  Botox can even be used for treating hyperhidrosis, a condition characterized by excessive sweating.

Aging and the Marketplace

Today’s job market is as competitive as ever, which means applicants are doing everything possible to look desirable to potential employers.  These efforts go beyond resume writing to include dressing for the role and trying to make themselves physically look younger.  One thing that men and women alike are concerned about is their face showing their age.  Dermal fillers work wonders in helping hold back the hands of time and erasing the wrinkles left by life’s stressors. 

If you’re a man (or know of one) who is looking for Botox, dermal fillers, or other facial esthetic procedures, feel free to contact our office.  All appointments with Dr. Amber Wiebe are completely confidential.  No one has to know your secrets for looking younger (unless you choose to tell them). 

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