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Microneedling PRP

restore your natural vitality & radiance

Skin problems can range from sun damage, stretch marks, enlarged pores, acne, fine lines, and wrinkles. While skin issues can be as diverse as skin types, the spotlight is on natural, safe, and comprehensive skin rejuvenation techniques. One of the most sought-after natural skin rejuvenation treatment options is microneedling with PRP that restores the natural vitality and radiance of your skin.

What causes skin problems?

Collagen is a key ingredient in ligaments, tendons, and the skin and helps in the repair of tissue and muscle in case of injuries. The skin health protein, along with elastin, is found in the deeper layers of the skin called the dermis. This layer of the skin is fibrous in nature and is composed of elastic tissue, hair follicles, glands as well as collagen. The main function of collagen is to protect and support the structure, flexibility, and strength of the skin.

Many factors can reduce the levels of collagen in the body. Apart from the aging process, collagen can be destroyed, or production of new collagen can be hampered by excess exposure to ultraviolet rays, tobacco smoke, environmental pollutants, chronic illnesses, and certain medications.

Loss of collagen in the skin leads to skin laxity, wrinkles, fine lines, creases, and folds. The other factors that cause skin problems are autoimmune conditions, hereditary factors, poor blood circulation, and lack of skin health nutrients. Dramatic weight loss and pregnancy can lead to unsightly stretch marks.

About microneedling with PRP

Microneedling is also known as “percutaneous collagen induction” or “Collagen Induction Therapy.”

At Destin Botox, our skilled aesthetician uses a hand-held device that contains microneedles to produce multiple controlled micro-injuries on the area being treated. In response to these injuries, the body begins the natural healing process by increasing the production of skin proteins such as collagen.

Microneedling accelerates the healing process by activating existing collagen and restores the tone, texture, and strength of the skin.


What is PRP?

At Destin Botox, we offer sophisticated skin rejuvenation treatments using a combination of different techniques that complement each other. PRP stands for “platelet-rich plasma” and, when combined with microneedling, delivers a booster dose of natural nutrients that rejuvenate your skin.

Platelet-rich plasma is derived from the blood of the patient. After the blood sample is drawn, it is placed in a centrifuge to separate the different layers of the plasma. When blood is centrifuged, it separates into three different layers where the lower layer contains red blood cells, and the middle layer has the white blood cells. The topmost layer is rich in platelets. The platelet layer can also be categorized into three separate layers where the upper layer and middle layers contain less of platelets while the lowermost layer is rich in platelets. This layer is called the Platelet-Rich Plasma or PRP.

PRP is rich in several bioactive components, including growth factors that help in the formation of new blood vessels and directly stimulate cell growth, division, and collagen production. These bioactive components in PRP speed up skin healing and rejuvenation in a natural manner without the fear of side effects, allergies, or rejection.

The PRP is administered into the skin through the tiny punctures created using the microneedles. The combination of microneedling with PRP gives exceptional results of wound recovery, skin healing, new blood vessel growth, and collagen production.

The ideal combination helps release growth factors and enhances blood circulation to restore skin vitality, natural radiance, and youthfulness.

What are the Key Benefits of Microneedling with PRP?

Microneedling with PRP is not only a preferred facial rejuvenation treatment but is also a great option to address scars, skin laxity, uneven skin tone, and fine lines and wrinkles.

The extensive benefits of microneedling with PRP include:
• Natural rejuvenation and repair of the skin
• It is FDA approved
• Scientifically evidenced
• Encourages cell renewal at deeper layers
• Steps up the production of collagen and elastin
• Improves skin tone and texture
• Suitable for all skin types
• Platelet-rich plasma has biological components that are natural and have no side effects unlike harsh synthetic chemicals
• Microneedling and PRP combine to give a synergistic skin health effect

What to expect during the treatment?

When you are looking for natural anti-aging treatments, the first step you need to take is to schedule an appointment with our expert aesthetic physician at Destin Botox. Dr. Amber Wiebe is a board-certified aesthetic physician and is highly qualified in a wide range of cosmetic treatment procedures from fillers, Botox, and HydraFacial, among others.

At the scheduled appointment, Dr. Wiebe will review your skin and overall health condition, apart from evaluating your cosmetic requirements and goals carefully.

Once your candidacy is confirmed, Dr. Wiebe applies a numbing agent prior to drawing your blood sample, which is then centrifuged. She uses the microneedling device to make microscopic injuries in the area of the skin to be treated. The PRP is then infused into the micro-injuries.

The entire procedure takes between 30 to 45 minutes to complete and it has no downtime. Results are typically visible after the session, although it could take a few weeks for you to appreciate the extent of your skin rejuvenation.

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To obtain the desired anti-aging outcomes from microneedling with PRP, schedule an appointment with Dr. Wiebe today.

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