Destin Botox Treatment | How to Help Your Botox Last Longer

Destin Botox Treatment | How to Help Your Botox Last Longer

The benefits Botox can have on your physical appearance are well known and appreciated by many. The only downside for some individuals, is that the effects are not permanent. On average, Botox treatments can last anywhere from 3-6 months. While these results are enough for many, there are those that want to know how they can make their Botox last longer, or if it’s even possible.

The short answer is, you can’t make Botox last longer than that 3-6 month window, but you can extend how long the effects continue working throughout your life.

To understand why this is, we can take a brief look at the science behind the function of Botox. Paralyzing the nerves that allow your facial muscles to move is the mechanism by which Botox reduces wrinkles. When Botox “wears off,” it’s not that the drug goes away. What’s actually happening is that your paralyzed nerve endings are replaced by newly developed ones which grow and are able to stimulate the muscle again. 

So if you can’t fight against your bodies natural growth process, how can you help extend the effects of your Botox treatments? We can recommend a few ways.

1.) Avoid Strenuous Exercise and Excessive Heat 24 hours After Your Treatment

 Intense exercise and heat could cause the Botox to shift in to a position other than what your doctor intended. To help your Botox stay in the right place, it may be beneficial to try to sleep on your back for the first night.

2.) Avoid Extended Sun Exposure

The sun can cause damage to your skin that will create premature wrinkles. Unfortunately, Botox is unable to help with these wrinkles, as your facial muscles aren’t responsible for creating them. Protecting your face with sunscreen can help keep these sun created wrinkles away for longer, helping you keep your younger appearance.

3.) Self Care

Taking care of yourself means that you’re helping Botox be better at its job. A skin care routine with moisturizers, exfoliators and plenty of water will help your skin retain it’s youthful appearance for longer. Pairing this routine with Botox treatments will only serve to help extend your skin’s ability to keep bouncing back.

Another aspect of self care that we think is worth mentioning is the need to stop smoking. Beyond the aging effects smoking has on your skin, it also shortens your life. We hope that this blog answered at least a few of your Botox questions. If you still have more unanswered questions, schedule a consultation with our office. Our Destin Botox team will be happy to sit down to discuss your options and address your concerns

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