Santa Rosa Beach FL Botox Treatment | What Is Preventative Botox?

Most of us are reasonably familiar with Botox. They’re injections people receive to reduce wrinkles, creases, frown lines, and furrows that materialize on our faces and necks as we age. The underlying science is actually fairly straightforward. Botox’s mechanism of action–a highly potent substance called botulinum toxin— helps clients look younger and revitalized.

As one might expect from a medical treatment that can literally reverse or at least significantly slow signs of aging, Botox is incredibly popular. Last year over seven million people received at least one injection. But what might surprise people is that it’s not just women in middle age and beyond that are getting Botox. In recent years, the number of young women and men in their twenties and thirties opting for the treatment has gradually risen. But they’re not receiving injections for the same reasons as their counterparts in their fifties and sixties—at least not exactly. These younger people are taking advantage of something called preventative Botox.

So What Is Preventative Botox?

Individuals in their late twenties and thirties don’t need to get Botox for traditional reasons. After all, they don’t have the forehead lines, crow’s feet, and other facial wrinkles that older men and women want to soften or eliminate. Preventative Botox isn’t solely focused on getting rid of the few wrinkles that younger adults do have. Instead, the purpose of preventative Botox is to stop wrinkles from forming at all.

Twenty- and thirty-somethings can get preventative Botox injections to stop the progression of fine lines while they’re still in their earliest stages. In other cases, they can simply freeze those facial muscles up before they start forming any wrinkles at all.

Who Should Consider It?

 If you’re in your late twenties or early thirties and are beginning to see even the subtlest signs of fine lines and facial wrinkles, preventative Botox could be an ideal fit for you. By getting a preventative Botox injection, you’ll eliminate the few wrinkles you already have right now. Perhaps more importantly, you’ll be stopping any further progression of them in the future.

Preventative Botox is also a viable option for anyone who doesn’t have any wrinkles but wants to be aggressive and forward-thinking about the effects of aging. You can prevent major fine lines from forming on your face and neck now, instead of waiting until later in life. It’s a matter of personal choice, certainly, but there’s a logic to the idea of preventing certain wrinkles from forming at all.

If you want to see if this treatment could be right for you, make an appointment with our office today and maintain your natural beauty for a lifetime.

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