Santa Rosa Beach FL Botox Treatment | 5 Things That May Happen With Long Term Botox Usage

Many consider Botox to be the wonder cure for the esthetic effects of aging. It works so well at reducing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and more, that many have begun using Botox earlier in their lives and for much longer periods of time. But what impacts can this extended exposure to Botox in this form have on your body?

1.) You train facial muscles to avoid frowning

The wrinkle-reducing effects of Botox work because of the drug’s ability to paralyze muscles. As the muscles beneath the skin are relaxed, so is the skin and the formation of wrinkles is stopped and even reversed. Over time, your muscles will adjust to this relaxed state and default to that position naturally in a process that’s very similar to what many call “muscle memory”. After a long period of receiving Botox treatments, your facial muscles may remain in a more relaxed state even after Botox has left your system.

2.) Temporarily Weakened Muscles

As with any muscle, the less you use them, the weaker they will get. With prolonged usage of Botox, your relaxed muscles will eventually weaken, but this should not be cause for concern. If you take a break from Botox, the muscles in your face will naturally strengthen again from being used. There are also plenty of muscles in your face that will not be touched by Botox and fully function during your treatments, helping you retain your natural look.

3.) You May Need Less Botox

While many use Botox as a way to reduce the wrinkles that they already have, it can be just as effective in stopping wrinkles from forming in the first place. Because your facial muscles will be relaxed for long periods of time, the skin is protected from all the movement that causes wrinkles. In turn, this could result in you needing less Botox as your life progresses because you’ll have fewer wrinkles to treat.

4.) Your Youthful Appearance Will Stick Around, Even if Botox Doesn’t

Similarly, the same way that Botox can help prevent your skin from aging over longer durations of time, means that you may appear younger even if you decide to stop your Botox treatments.

There are some who expect that as soon as you stop Botox treatment, all the wrinkles and fine lines you’ve been avoiding will suddenly appear on your face like a scene out of Indiana Jones, making you look 100 years old in a few minutes. Thankfully this isn’t the case, and you’ll still retain much of your youthful appearance, with brighter looking skin and fewer wrinkles.

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