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Facial Aesthetics Crafted
by Anti-Aging Specialists

A radiant, smooth, and healthy skin optimizes facial aesthetics and boosts your confidence and self-esteem. An easy and quick way to restore the vitality of your skin is with dermaplaning at Destin Medical Spa. The exfoliation treatment removes dead skin cells and facial hair while addressing pockmarks and acne scarring to give your facial skin a holistic makeover.

At Destin Medical Spa, our highly trained facial aesthetics expert, Dr. Amber Wiebe is well versed in a broad range of cosmetic treatments and uses advanced techniques to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

What is dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a trending skin treatment and is one of the most sought-after pre-red-carpet cosmetic procedures in the U.S. As a non-invasive approach for skin exfoliation and “peach fuzz” removal, dermaplaning requires no harsh chemicals or creams.

Dr. Wiebe uses a surgical-grade scalpel to gently scrape the skin’s surface that removes facial hair and dead skin cells. Dermaplane can either be a stand-alone treatment for skin exfoliation or serve as a preparatory treatment for other skin rejuvenation procedures such as laser, facials, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion. Dermaplane helps enhance product penetration and boost the effectiveness of these skin treatments.

How exactly does dermaplaning work?

Dead skin cells are periodically shed and replaced progressively with new cells. The topmost layer of the skin, called the stratum corneum, is where dead cells are present.

Dermaplaning serves to scrape off the stratum corneum or the dead skin layer as well as the “vellus hair or peach fuzz.” This treatment ensures fresh, brighter, and ultra-smooth skin.

When the hair and dead layer are removed, the skin becomes smooth, while cell metabolism is given a boost that stimulates new skin cells to rise to the surface.

The Destin Medical Spa advantages

At Destin Medical Spa, the skincare treatments we offer are delivered by a qualified and highly experienced doctor, making sure every procedure gives the maximum results with minimum hassles, side effects, pain, or discomfort. All to ensure you get the best experience with dermaplaning Destin and Santa Rosa Beach can provide.

Dermaplaning exfoliation treatment does not make use of chemicals, making it a safe, suitable, and effective alternative for those intolerant or allergic to chemicals. With patient comfort and convenience being our top priorities, we ensure that treatments are completed in a short time. Dermaplaning is completed within 15 minutes and involves no downtime.


A simple way to achieve a fresh and glowing skin

Simplicity is one of the critical differentiating factors between dermaplaning and other skincare procedures. Dermaplaning is a preferred treatment to:

• Remove facial hair which promotes oil and dirt accumulation
• Achieve a smoother skin
• Reduce acne scars
• Reduce wrinkles
• Boost skin cell metabolism
• Enable deeper product penetration and efficacy of other skincare treatments such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and laser.

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The best of facial rejuvenation
treatments at Destin Medical Spa

When it comes to cosmetic treatments, the experience of the medical provider makes the critical difference between failure and success.

Destin Medical Spa is the best skin and beauty treatment destination at Destin, FL, and surrounding areas. With an unmatched focus on comfort, safety, and satisfaction of customers, we are committed to offering a wide range of skin, beauty, and cosmetic treatments with optimal outcomes. A friendly and welcoming ambiance at our medspa treatment center helps customers unwind and relax.

When you are looking for the safest method to give your skin a makeover, the first step is to book an appointment with Dr. Wiebe. She prescribes an individualized treatment plan based on a thorough medical and skin evaluation while discussing the expected results and precautions you need to take. She recommends periodic dermaplaning treatment sessions to get the best outcomes.

Schedule an appointment with Dr. Wiebe to know how you can transforms your skin with dermaplaning in Destin.

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