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Hair Restoration

Hair Restoration by the Experts at Destin Medical Spa

At Destin Medical Spa, we have a state-of-the-art treatment that has been designed to help stop hair loss and stimulate hair growth. Our treatment leverages your own body to create a solution that is safe, holistic, and effective.

Your trusted solution to hair loss - AnteAGE

AnteAGE is a revolutionary cosmetic and dermatological treatment that uses stem cells in your bone marrow and growth factor Cytokines to regenerate damaged or diseased cells and restore skin and hair growth.

At Destin Medical Spa, we use the AnteAGE Hair System that contains WNT1 Stem Cytokines and a host of other naturally-sourced botanicals that have hair restoration capabilities. These stem cells and Cytokines are harvested from healthy donors, who need to pass multiple health tests to become eligible to donate their stem cells. The so-created AnteAGE applicant ensures your hair restoration is:

  • Completely non-surgical and minimally-invasive
  • Free of formulated chemicals that may lead to poor hair health
  • Is gentle on your scalp and doesn’t affect sensitive skin
  • Offers quick acting and lasting results that you’ll love

How does AnteAGE work?

Stem cells have an incredible ability to differentiate into any cell found in the human body. This includes cells that form the hair follicle, which is the growth center of your hair. AnteAGE leverages stem cells to repair and restore hair cells and promote the natural growth of your hair while strengthening your hair roots in the process.

To make the AnteAGE hair restoration system, WNT1 Stem Cytokines are harvested and then cultured in the lab. They are combined with botanicals and formulated to the degree when the cells release specific biosignals that support the repair and restoration of hair cells in particular.

Once the AnteAGE is applied to the hair, it awakens the dormant hair cells, stimulating them to grow. It also restores the hair growth cycle to its natural lifespan – which is often shortened due to the toxic hair care products we may use or factors like weather, pollution, and hard water.

As few as two AnteAGE treatment sessions will make a tremendously positive impact on your hair health.


How is the AnteAGE hair restoration treatment provided at Destin Medical Spa?

You are asked to come in for a consultation, so our hair experts can evaluate your hair and scalp health. Then, we schedule your treatment for the next date that’s convenient to you. We ask you to wash your hair in lukewarm water with a mild shampoo so as to remove any dust, grime, or dandruff that may be present.

When you get to our Destin Medical Spa clinic, we ask you to sit down in the treatment chair. Then, we gently comb your hair to remove the tangles and disinfect the dermal stamp and dropper that are provided to apply then AnteAGE.

Then we use the dropper, fill it with the AnteAGE, and apply the solution to your hair. We do this section-by-section, using the AnteAGE on the:

  • Crown of the head
  • Hairline
  • Temples
  • Frontal
  • Mid-scalp
  • Back of the head

Once the AnteAGE is applied using the dropper, we use the dermal stamp to massage the AnteAGE into the roots of your hair. Once this is done, we apply another layer of the AnteAGE solution onto your scalp and massage it deeply into the scalp. This two-time application ensures the AnteAGE reaches deep into your hair follicles and treats any damage present while restoring hair growth.

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